Parenting through Separation

Parents are always keen to know how to protect their children from emotional harm when they are tackling divorce, separation, a co-parenting issue, or a dispute directly concerning the child (such as where a child should live, what contact the child should be having with the other parent or financial provision). 

Becoming a separated parent is not something you may have anticipated. It is challenging in so many ways and can be very daunting.

It may be that you are still in a relationship but fear it may soon end; you may have just separated from your partner and be apprehensive about what the future holds; or you may have been separated from your ex-partner for a considerable amount of time – but for various reasons are unable to co-parent, leading to parental conflict.

Whatever your situation, we hope this booklet enables you to find helpful solutions and that you refer to it as and when it’s needed. Please note that Resolution is an English organisation.  If you would like to know the Jersey equivalent of a phrase, expression or service, do not hesitate to get in touch.

cohabitation agreements

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