Variation of an earlier agreement or order

Where parties have entered into an agreement with one another or the court has determined the outcome of a case and one of the parties wishes to move away from the terms, Confidante can advise on the merits of such an application. If you have a reasonable case and wish to vary the previous agreement or order, we can guide you through the entire process.

Variation commonly relates to;

  • the variation of a financial agreement in a separation or divorce; or
  • financial provision for a child.

In the first instance, Confidante can assist by trying to amend the terms by agreement. If that is not possible, it may be necessary to engage the court.

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Family Mediation Service

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Got questions?

Most importantly, you should select a lawyer who has the expertise to deal with the issue in respect of which you need help.


In a divorce situation, it is likely that you will be sharing intimate details about your relationship with your divorce lawyer and therefore finding someone you feel comfortable with is key.


It is also important that you understand how your lawyer will work on your case.  Will you get direct access to your chosen lawyer or will you be dealing with more junior members of the department?


Finally, ask to speak to the lawyer you are thinking of engaging before you instruct them.  You can ask them questions to understand if they will be the right match for you.

It is important to know where you stand as soon as possible.  Therefore the earlier you speak to a family / divorce lawyer the better.  This may even be before you have advised your partner /spouse that the relationship is over.


Your lawyer can help you to strategise and ensure that you don’t take steps which are prejudicial to you and/or your children.


It is possible to seek early advice and then do nothing.  The important thing is that you understand your options at the earliest opportunity.

Absolutely.  If you are not happy with the legal representation, you can change your lawyer at any point.


However, changing lawyer part way through your case may create delay and/or increase costs (as your new lawyer will need to read in) therefore, before taking steps, it may be wise to speak to your existing lawyer to see whether you can iron out any issues you are encountering.


You could also consider a second opinion.


If you are clear that you would like a new lawyer, it is important that you properly satisfy yourself the lawyer you wish to engage is the right match for you.  Arrange a call or meeting before finalising your decision.

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I know how daunting it can be to talk to a family / divorce lawyer and potentially commence a legal process relating to divorce, separation or your children.

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